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Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous

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Code Blue Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous creates an effective way to draw in the big bucks.

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Code Blue Drop Time Combo with Doe Estrous is our Whitetail Doe Estrous combined with the Drop Time Scent Dispenser, which creates an effective way to draw in big bucks.

When big bucks are on the prowl, give them what they want. Every 1 oz bottle is collected from a single doe in heat and marked with her individual registration number. Code Blue's "One Deer to One Bottle" is pure, premium, and always fresh. Big bucks notice the difference and so will you.

Deliver a fresh shot of your favorite attractant without lifting a finger. Code Blue's Drop Time scent dispenser is battery powered, allowing you to select from three different dispense settings. Drop Time's "flow control" feature allows you to pick the best presentation of your scent by selecting either a stream or atomized spray. The large, airtight 2.5 oz reservoir cuts down on unnecessary trips to the scent site.

  • Easily program the dispenser to release the doe estrous deer scent at dawn, dusk or in 20-minute intervals.
  • Drop Time Combo allows you to walk away to your hunting stand and the deer scent will cover your human scent.
  • Allows for multiple applications without having to make multiple trips, lowering the chances that you'll contaminate the site