Urge Whitetail Deer Attractants

Urge Concentrated Deer Attractant


There is a reason hunters spend time and effort finding the right attractant for deer – not only do they want one that’s effective but they want one that’s economical.

Urge Whitetail Deer Attractant delivers the best of both worlds. It uses a triple-threat formula that arouses the deer’s senses of smell and taste, attracting and holding it to wherever you place it. It also increases its appetite and promotes the deer’s natural territorial instincts.

Urge is also versatile and a great value, coming in ready-to-use sizes of 1-gallon and 32 ounces as well as a 1-gallon concentrate that lets you set the strength of the attractant to your own liking. It works on all whitetail deer – bucks or does – and enhances your hunting experience.

Stimulate their senses

Urge attracts deer in two ways. Its unique formula combines aroma and taste to hook the deer. The deer catches the scent, finds where it's coming from and can’t resist eating. The more the deer eats, the more Urge-flavored feed it wants. Hunters can spray or pour on natural food stocks for whitetail deer, like grasses, brush, grains, berries and acorns, or they can use on bait they set out such as corn, proteins, minerals or other processed feeds. In fact, pour Urge on corn and let it sit for 24 hours and see the fascinating results.

Keep them around

Urge also promotes territorial behavior in deer, especially bucks, similar to that of the rut. They want to stay in the area where they can get Urge and come back for more. The attractant is great for promoting hot spots of repeated activity – try spraying it on a dead stump or around a sapling. It stimulates the deer and prods their competitive nature. Deer want to stay and keep others out. Bucks have the natural urge to protect their turf – Urge helps kick it in high gear.

You’ll see how well it works on deer with simple field observation, such as wallows or scrapes. Urge works great all year round – not just the season when you’re in the field scoping out deer. Use it sparingly in the spring to get their attention and increase use during the course of the summer and early fall as you try to find the right spot for the right deer.

It’s a long-lasting deer attractant, holding its strength for weeks – even in periods of heavy rain. Code Blue’s top whitetail deer attractant works so well that you do not want to get it on clothes, boots or body.

Find the Right Size and Strength

The variety of Urge products also means a variety of uses. Our handy 1-gallon ready-to-use size is great for saturating ground trails or food stocks. The 32-ounce spray bottle lets you control the location and amount of deer attractant to use – a fine mist down to a steady stream. The economical 1-gallon concentrate allows you to fill either gallon or quart for field use in the strength of your choice.

And in any combination, you’ll find that Urge Whitetail Deer Attractant is the right choice in the field to grab their attention and keep it as long as you keep using Urge.

Urge Whitetail - Ready to use spray 32 oz.

Urge Deer Lure

Urge Concentrated Deer Attractant gives you all the benefits of our other two sizes, and something else every hunter can appreciate – value and flexibility.

Urge Ready to Use Spray deer attractant’s handy 1-quart size helps you target how much and the right spot for this effective deer lure. The sprayer helps control the long-lasting enhancement in the field, helping to stimulate the deer’s sense of taste and smell, and encourage territorial behavior – wherever you want. Spray it on feeding areas: The more they taste, the more they want.


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