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Hog Scent Wild Boar Attractant from Code Blue Scents

When it comes to hog hunting, it makes sense to use everything you can to gain an advantage. As one of the sharpest animals with an even sharper sense of smell, wild boars are more than a challenge to get close to, much less hunt or trap. That sense of smell can help them detect food that's several feet underground. And while a hog scent can attract a big boar from far away, all it takes is one whiff of something suspicious and he's gone. But a Code Blue hog scent is one hog lure that will help you outwit one of the smartest creatures in the woods.

With few natural predators and an appetite that never seems to stop, these feral pigs can wreak havoc on your food plots and hunting grounds so hog hunting is always worthwhile. From Boar Hog Urine to Sow in Heat Urine, every bottle of hog scent is guaranteed "one hog to one bottle" for the most immediate and effective wild boar attractant available. Dominant boars won't run from the challenge of another wild boar invading his territory, and they will certainly investigate an opportunity to breed, which they're capable of doing year round. That's why using boar scents makes hog hunting more successful – you can make your target come to you.

Go for a natural winner on your next hog hunting expedition with a wild boar attractant that will prove its worth time and time again.

Swine Wine 32 oz.

Quench hogs' thirst for more with the refreshing taste of juicy, sweet grapes. Nothing brings pigs to your hunting party better than Code Blue's Swine Wine. Swine Wine's unique grape flavoring drives hogs wild and keeps them coming back for more. Swine Wine's sweet smell penetrates deep into soil and the long-lasting aroma keeps hogs rooting for days. Pour directly on the ground or in wallows to concentrate hog activity near your stand. Intensify feeding activity by digging a shallow hole in the ground and filling it with a combination of feed mixed with Swine Wine. Swine Wine is effective all year long and is a great tool for keeping hog populations in check on your property.
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Apple Smash 32 oz.

No hog can resist the temptation of an orchard of ripe, sweet apples! Code Blue's Apple Smash is sinfully effective at attracting both boars and sows of all sizes. The heavenly blend of apple flavoring and premium ingredients fuse together creating the ultimate temptation hogs can't refuse. One taste of the forbidden fruity liquid is all it takes to keep hogs coming back for more. Pour Apple Smash in wallows, directly on the ground or mix it with feed in shallow holes to attract and hold hogs at your feed site for days. If you've got hogs, you need Apple Smash.
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Corn Cocktail 1 Gallon

Hogs crave grains… and CORN is king! Nothing starts a feral frenzy like Code Blue's Corn Cocktail. Corn Cocktail is packed with all the ingredients hogs love and is highly effective at attracting all species of feral swine. Just find an active feeding area or create a new one near your stand by pouring Corn Cocktail in wallows, directly on the ground or mix it with feed in shallow holes. The liquid nectar penetrates deep into the soil and keeps hogs rooting for days. The sweet aroma attracts hogs from extreme distances giving you the opportunity to take trophies and keep the population in check.
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Sow In Heat Urine

Code Blue Sow in Heat Urine

Lead boars right into sight with Code Blue Sow in Heat hog scent. It gives boars the idea that there's a sow nearby who's ready to breed. Boars can't help themselves; they'll be walking by in no time. And hog scents from Code Blue contain only all-natural, 100-percent urine from one hog per bottle, for maximum realistic effect.

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Boar Hog Urine

Code Blue Boar Hog Scent

Boar Hog Urine from Code Blue will help you find and take home your next trophy hog. First, the hog urine effectively convinces boars in your hunting area that other boars are encroaching on their land. Then it compels them to investigate further, putting them near your stand and within your sights.

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