Coyote Scents from Code Blue
Coyote scents from Code Blue offer the quality, strength and realistic effect you need to increase the success of your next coyote hunting trip.

Seasoned coyote hunters know there are several factors that make coyote hunting such a challenging and exhilarating sport. First, a coyote's highly sensitive and discriminating nose makes him extra suspicious of odors other animals might not detect. The super-realistic scents in our coyote urine and coyote estrous address this challenge head on. The fillers and additives found in other brands' coyote urine can make a coyote suspicious or turn him away from your trail. That's why our coyote scents never contain any ingredients that don't amplify and enhance the natural coyote odor.

Coyotes often seem scarce – yet another challenge for the coyote hunter. It's not that coyotes aren't out there. In fact, coyote populations are exploding at such rates that in many areas, hunters can hunt and trap coyotes all year long. Coyotes are hard to find because they can easily go without any contact with humans for extended periods of time. Our coyote scents solve that problem with their extra potency and strength. Again, with no fillers or additives, you get pure scent for a more powerful aroma.

Try our Howlin' Heat coyote attractant for a coyote scent that will turn this predator into your prey.

Code Blue Howlin' Heat Coyote Attractant

Code Blue Howlin' Heat coyote attractant

With Code Blue Howlin' Heat coyote attractant, the predator becomes the prey. Our high-quality, super-effective combination of coyote urine and coyote estrous draws coyotes in like nothing else. This coyote scent mimics the unmistakable scent of a female coyote in estrous, a scent most coyotes are powerless to resist.

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