Cover Scents

Cover Scent from Code Blue Scents
As a dedicated hunter, one of the toughest challenges you face is staying undetected long enough to get a good shot. On those hot days when you set out to your tree stand or hunting blind, it's impossible not to break into a full sweat before you get there. And by the time you do, you may not have the wind in your favor, making it a sure bet that any animal within 300 yards or more has already picked up your scent.Scent eliminators can help, but a hunting cover scent from Code Blue is a natural way to fool even the best instincts of that big whitetail buck you're after. So don't just prevent your human scent - cover it up!

The more you blend in, the more invisible you are to your target. And your best chance to blend in with the environment is to use a cover scent with an aroma that naturally occurs in your hunting area. With six natural blends, Code Blue has a cover scent available to help you mask your human odor all season long.

It's often easy to focus just on spreading hunting scents to attract game and forget that blocking and covering human scents is an important consideration. Don't let your human smell interfere with your chances of bagging a trophy buck – always use a cover scent to up your chances of hunting success.

Coon Urine Cover Scent

Code Blue Raccoon Urine Cover Scent
Raccoon urine is a great cover scent for several reasons. First, it's a naturally occurring scent that won't make a deer feel anxious. Second, raccoons love to hang out in trees, so putting raccoon scent up and down your tree stand tree won't make deer suspicious. Use Code Blue raccoon scent all season long.
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Fox Urine Cover Scent

Code Blue Fox Urine Cover Scent
Use Code Blue fox urine as a cover scent year-round to disguise your human odor and put deer at ease. Fox urine is an ideal cover scent because unlike skunk scent, which indicates danger, fox scent serves as a fear reducer for deer. On your next deer hunt, when the wind picks up and carries your scent to that trophy deer, make sure all it can smell is a naturally occurring smell such as fox urine.
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Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator

Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator
New Code Blue ProductYou have to know the wind direction to avoid spooking game and Smoke Detector provides perfect readings every time with the accuracy of a smoke cloud. Super light air currents are hard to detect and can end a hunt quickly, but Smoke Detector’s odorless cloud is ultra sensitive and shows air movement hunters can’t feel.
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